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Parents face tremendous challenges and dilemmas while raising a child. Parent only classes are designed to meet the needs of today’s families. Our classes provide community and a shared learning experience for moms, dads, and those who work with children.

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  • Get Your Child to Listen the First Time

    “My child doesn’t listen the first time that I ask,” is the number one parenting complaint in America. It can be very frustrating to repeat the same command over and over just to have your child ignore you or openly defy you. Learn 23 practical, easy-to-implement strategies that you can choose from to derail your child’s defiance, gain cooperation, and get results to lower your stress level so you no longer have to repeat yourself. Geared for parents or caregivers of children in kindergarten through grade three. This is an adult only event - no child care is provided. About the presenter: Toni Schutta is an author, national speaker, parent coach, and licensed psychologist, who connects with parents wherever she speaks. With warmth, empathy and 22 years’ experience, Toni helps parents find solutions that work. She’s known for providing practical tips that parents can use immediately.