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I Didn't Know My iPhone Could Do That! iOS16+

Adult activities and classes / Technology -
Adult - Fall 2023

Our Apple iPhones are amazing devices! Every year, more features are added to the iPhone. How do you keep up? Learn and explore eight useful new functions that are found on your iPhone. This will focus on new features added since the release of IOS 16 (2022) and IOS 17 (2023). We will explore the most important new features including crash detection, safety features, customizable lock screen and much more. Bring your fully-charged iPhone. Each session will include learning, demonstration and hands-on exploration.

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Don Frederiksen


Don Frederiksen is the founder and principal of the, the online club that helps older adults stay connected and engaged by learning, sharing and exploring technology.

After 35 years working as a computer trainer, developer and manager, he focused his attention on the technology skills of older adults and founded the Senior Tech Club. Since that time, he has trained hundreds of older adults on both iPhone and Android devices and has published hundreds of lessons, course and tip guides at the site.

Don started his professional career as a school band director, discovered personal computers in the early 80’s, and never looked back. He traveled the country teaching IT professionals, started two companies and led corporate IT data teams . He has a BS from the University of Minnesota and an MBA from the University of St Thomas. He lives in St Anthony, MN.

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  Don Frederiksen

Educational Service Center/Staff Development Center : TBD
Thursday, Nov 30
6:00 - 8:00 PM


Price: $ 29 00

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