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Pre-K to Grade 3 Parenting Workshops
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About Pre-K to Grade 3 Parenting Workshops

With a need for family connections and parenting education as children transition into elementary school, ECFE offers workshops and parenting resources for families with children from preschool through early elementary school years.

Parenting education and family engagement can:

  • Connect families with resources at their child's school.
  • Provide information and support to families through family events, parenting workshops, and one-on-one support as needed.
  • Support schools and families in working together to help students be successful in school.

Do you have a specific parenting question or concern that you would like a parenting educator to help with? We're here to help. 
Ask your parenting question now.

Featured Courses

  • Preventing the Summer Slide

    Did you know that some children lose between 20 and 30% of their academic skills during the summer? You can prevent the dreaded "summer slide" by incorporating simple ideas to keep their skills fresh while still having fun! Join us as we: * Discuss the importance of staying on a schedule and establishing summer routines. * Share literacy ideas that make reading fun. * Examine ways to incorporate math into everyday activities. * Discover simple outdoor activities to enjoy with your whole family.
  • Parenting Your Strong Willed Child

    Having a strong willed child can be challenging, but it can also be an opportunity to raise a child who is self aware, confident, and capable of standing up for themselves and others. In this workshop, we will discuss how to encourage positive behaviors while minimizing conflicts and power struggles. Join us as we: Define the nature of a strong willed child. Learn strategies to communicate effectively with your strong willed child. Discover positive discipline techniques to use with your strong willed child. Create a safe place for your strong willed child to express themselves freely and manage their emotions in difficult situations. Learn how to encourage the natural strengths of your strong willed child.