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Toddlers and Twos Classes (16 to 36 months) - Separating
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About Toddlers and Twos Classes (16 to 36 months) - Separating

Parents are the true experts on their children, and there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to raising them. The information and tools ECFE offers during the toddler and two years are designed to support families in developing their own ways to promote their children's growth and development.

Toddlers* and Twos classes are separating classes which means parents/caregivers spend half of the class time together with their child and half in parenting education while the child stays with an early childhood teacher.

*Toddlers classes will be a gradual separation so children have a chance to explore and feel more comfortable with separation.

Featured Courses

  • Twos: 24 to 36 months

    Life can be challenging living with the emerging independence of a two-year-old. Enjoy learning activities designed for curious, busy, on-the-go toddlers. Parenting discussion includes information about temperament traits, setting limits, toilet learning and independence. You'll also connect with other parents and caregivers going through similar experiences.
  • Toddlers & Twos: 18 to 33 months

    During the toddler and two years, children grow by leaps and bounds and naturally develop independence. Despite all this progress, they can also develop some challenging behaviors. Discuss how to navigate these complex years and gain a better understanding of their growth and development.